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The best wood charcoal

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The process depends mainly on burning the natural wood for making charcoal.

For making about a ton of bulk hardwood charcoal, you need to burn about six tons of natural woods.

The process is done away from oxygen in order to enrich the produced charcoal with high percentage of carbon.

Our wood charcoal contains about 90% percent carbon; that makes it the best charcoal .

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What are the uses of the charcoal of our company?

A lot of companies in different fields ask where to buy bulk charcoal
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These are some examples of wood charcoal usages

Some types of wood charcoal have been used in making gunpowder till these days.

Wood charcoal has been used for making some types of cosmetics products and carbon filters.

Grilling may be the most common usage of such charcoal; if you own a restaurant, then you need our wood charcoal for grilling.