Charcoal Export Business

Charcoal export business

That’s what our company is specialized at


Our company is a leading one in exporting all charcoal types to thousands of international factories and companies from different spots on the earth.

We are known with our professional system in manufacturing, pricing and delivering.
That professional system encourages different foundations to deal with us.
In addition to the high levels of quality, we always offer bulk charcoal for sale as a gift for our beloved customers.

products that make our company a leading one Charcoal export business?

Our company manufactures and produces almost all common types of charcoal as follows:

  • Activated or porous charcoal is produced and exported with large amounts to all factories around the world.
  • All types of wood coal are produced by our company; they are made according to the global standards. The woods used in making our charcoal are:
    • Casuarinas, which is planted in Asia and Australia. We import good trees of such type, and transform them into charcoal with through scientific processes.
    • Lemon and orange trees are also used to make high quality wood coal.

Charcoal export business from our company is very simple process, to order coal from our company, you would follow some steps.

Looking forward to start your charcoal export business