The best companies specialized at charcoal export

The best companies specialized at charcoal export

Charcoal export is our business

where to buy bulk charcoal

If you have a big foundation that needs charcoal, then our company is your destination.
We export all coal types to the whole world, almost all known factories, restaurants and companied al with us.

The steps and the process of importing charcoal from our company are so simple that our company is favorite to a lot of agents.

We export charcoal online too; you can just make your order through our website, and then it would be delivered to you.
Our coal has a great position and good reputation between all our customers; they trust in us thanks to the high quality of our products.

Advantages of our products that flourish our business in charcoal export?

Quality is the key, that’s our marketing method that helps us to reach more and more customers every day.
Our product has some advantages as follows


The quality of any charcoal type depends mainly on the content of carbon which is exceeds 90% in our charcoal.


Our charcoal is very clean; it doesn’t pollute the environment.


The prices of our products are less than the global charcoal export prices.

Long time

The charcoal can maintain its good qualities for a very long time.

Charcoal is one of the most used materials in the world; our company would provide you with the high quality charcoal you need with very good prices.