The most common charcoal products


Charcoal Products

Charcoal products are numerous, and they are used in all fields of our life nowadays.
Our company provides all types of charcoal that are used in all different charcoal products that you need.

What are the types of charcoal used in making charcoal products ?

Common charcoal: the most common type; it`s made from wood, coal or any organic materials.

Activated or porous charcoal: that type is made by burning it in a medium full of gases, These gases lead to making porous which make it able to absorb substances easily.

Sugar charcoal: a type of charcoal made from pure sugar by carburizing it, That type of charcoal can be used in making synthetic diamonds.

Lump charcoal: an important type of charcoal which is made from the hardwood, It has many qualities that burn at a higher temperature, leaving little ash compared to others.

What are the most common purposes for the charcoal products ?

With that great number of charcoal types; we can use its products in a lot of purposes as follows

Art: pencils that are used in drawing are types of charcoal products.

Medicine: a lot of medicines are made from charcoal for special purposes like removing toxins.

Industrial fuel: A lot of factories make use of the high capability of heating of charcoal in smelting metals.

Our Products

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