Casuarina charcoal

Casuarina Charcoal

Casuarina charcoal is a deluxe type of charcoal which is made from natural woods.

  • Casuarina trees are Australian trees that can be considered as a source of excellent wood coal.
  • Our company produces and exports large quantities of Casuarina coal to various places on the earth.
  • We cut wood from nearby farms, and then we manufacture it according to specific international standards.

The qualities of our Casuarina charcoal

Our charcoal can give more heat than others because we have some experts that get Casuarina trees rich in cellulose.

The cellulose gives the produced charcoal the ability to give high temperatures when burning.

After manufacturing, we deliver your order to wherever you want.

Our coal can be used in many fields depending on its high and noble qualities.

What are the common uses of casuarina charcoal?

Casuarina charcoal can be used in many fields as follows

  • What makes our coal valid for heating is that it lights easily, and it lasts for a long time. In addition, the casuarina coal is clean and has no effect on the grilled food.
  • Such charcoal is mainly used in grilling, a lot of restaurants and hotels get large amounts of it as bulk to go with their consumption.
  • If you like grilling or smoking the hookah, then you should try our charcoal.
  • It can be used for water pipes.