Lemon charcoal


Lemon Charcoal

Lemon Charcoal is a noble type of charcoal; generally it’s of a very high quality.
You can get such charcoal from our company with the required quality according to global industrial instructions and standards.
When you buy from our company, you would save a lot; as you would get sales on packets and bulk coal.

What are the stages of manufacturing Lemon Charcoal at our company?

The stages are performed according to the global standards as follows:

Lemon Trees
Remove Moisture
Harden The Wood
Final Product
  • Lemon trees which are rich in Cellulose are our source of wood. The high percentage of Cellulose content gives noble qualities for our product. The high temperatures after burning, and the long period it can stay are thanks to the Cellulose in the lemon woods.
  • The wood is heated to various temperatures so that it’s transformed into charcoal. At first, it’s heated to (20-110) degrees to remove moisture completely. At our company, we make sure that the wood is completely free of water, so we heat it again to (110-270).
  • We heat again to(270 – 290) to harden the wood, some gases are produced during this process.
  • At (400-500) degrees, wood is now transformed into lemon charcoal. We heat the produced charcoal again to get rid of some by products such as tar.
  • It has many uses, especially in barbecue and shisha.